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ClicheBG is a European fashion brand inspired by the young and trendy fashionista. Created for the ever
seeking style innovators, ClicheBG develops boutique lines for the socially active ladies.

Еvery two months Slot V introduces new designer collections with cocktail dresses, party outfits and casual
everyday wear with unique style.

Our team has the ambition to grow and develop. That is why we make our own designs mirroring
the latest fashion trends. Always on vogue and always unique, our clothing lines appeal to young
trendsetters. ClicheBG expresses its love for fashion by producing professional photo shoots. The result
is displayed online on our website. We are also offering worldwide delivery on all of our

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The ClicheBG team believes that style is a personal philosophy. Clothes are simply means of expression.
That is why ClicheBG offers a variety of creative pieces, helping you express your stylish self.

Have a great shopping day!

The ClicheBG team!


For wholesale enquiries: e@cliche.bg

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