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Our suggestions for Christmas Gifts!


We don’t come in a Santa costume and we are not dressed in bright colors but we rather have our minds working towards the black & white color palette, the beautiful fabrics and the special details.

In the most wonderful, colorful and delicious time of the year we like to remember how amazing it is to simply be happy and joyful. And, of course, how good it feels to surprise someone with something unexpected and thoughtful that makes them feel like all their wishes had come true!

This is why we give you our exclusive list of Christmas gift ideas!

The “one of a kind” gift – a boutique candle, a hand drawn porcelain cup, a cashmere scarf with a little brooch (it may be a butterfly, a flower, a bird, or, basically, anything your lady finds wonderful). Imagine all this in the most classic colors – black and white! Isn’t it heaven-like?

The “little treasure” gift – a beautiful piece of jewelry (you can never go wrong with earrings or a necklace)

The “everything” gift – we mean, of course, a voucher for her favorite store. You can add a personal touch by presenting it the right way – with a bottle of her favorite wine, a bouquet of her favorite flowers, a selection of fine chocolates, for example.

The “forever” gift – the little black dress! This is something you cannot go wrong with! We have many  amazing choices this year – along with our other models, we have made a dress that would fit every woman and would make her feel like the queen she is! The other trick we have up our sleeves this year is a very tender and interesting dress, made from a high-quality tricot and net elements. You can purchase both dress from our website, as well as our boutiques and partner stores all over the country!


Have a December, filled with wonders, good wine and delicious homemade cookies!

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