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The military print you will definitely be noticed at!


If there is one fashion trend that will withstand through time and will always be in style (other than the little black dress which is forever), it is the military print.

The accent falls on knives, guns and bullets, as you can see in Valentino's Collection:


This season we decided to release a capsule collection of tops and slim dresses in military print – autumn has never loved grey, beige and oil green more than it does in 2016!

Moreover, if you dare to experiment with colors and shapes, you will create something truly amazing and inspiring. This is why we didn’t stop there – you can spot purple, bordeaux, blue and pink, mixed in a wonderful palette of shapes.


Our prints vary from bullets, spread symmetrically on a dress to different compositions of guns and knives, arranged beautifully around the neck and the waist which gives the dress a slimming effect. Everything is in bold colors which puts a sweet accent on your autumn outfit! If pink loves oil green this much, then you definitely should too!

We offer a selection of leggings, tops with free cuts (in two sizes: XS/S & M/L) and beautiful slim dresses that guarantee you will not remain unnoticed wherever you go – after all, this is not a usual military print; it has its special powers working in the other direction!

Everything is made in such a way so that it can be a great addition to your everyday wardrobe as well as an elegant piece of clothing. You can combine the clothes with long coats, jackets and boots and, if you’re going for a more casual look – sneakers and a beanie hat. Why not combine both – the combination between the long elegant coat and the sports sneakers is so in style right now! Throw in a scarf and you will immediately become a beauty queen!


You can check out our new “Military” collection here:


These clothes don’t need to talk to say “I’m here – notice me!”

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