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Happy 6th Bday, Cliché!


Cliché is a peace of heaven we look after with a lot of love – and not only towards online fashion, but love towards many things: what we do, who we are doing it with and who we are doing it for! This is, after all, You – our customers!

You are our daily inspiration and we would like to thank you that you keep making us happy and you challenge us to become better in what we do! Cliché is six years old today and it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for you!

What we managed to achieve in these six years, could not be possibly written on a piece of paper (or in blog post), but we can say a few very big and special words – we have grown lately (and not only in years)!

Our team has grown! Our office as well because big ideas need space to grow even bigger! The number of boutiques is growing as well – we are about to open a second boutique in Sofia in the biggest shopping center in the city! In the heart of all fashion, if you will!

We will give you more information about all this very soon. But until then, let’s just say this:

Happy Birthday, Cliché!



The Team

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