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Autumn Delight


The first leaf has fallen and as the first autumn drops watered our summer ideas and inspirations, we decided that it was time to show you the first basic items from our autumn collection for 2016!

Very soon the countdown will start and you will be able to enjoy a stylish and one-of-a-kind collection of autumn clothes, but until then…

We present you three amazing basic dresses that can easily go from casual to elegant – they will make sure that all eyes are on you giving you the everyday shine every woman deserves!

They are prefect for office environment because they will give you the comfort you need, while making you feel confident and ready to conquer any office meeting. You can combine them with sneakers or heels, depending on your style; you can wear a belt, or a hat, as well as a wide variety of jackets and vest – both casual, and official.

They are also great for quiet (or loud) dinners with friends and long walks in the park.

In the evening you can add a touch of glamour with a pair of elegant heels, a lipstick, some jewelry and a beautiful scarf.

They are also suitable for the cold winter days – all you need is a pair of leather boots and an amazing coat!


So, do not miss on the chance of having this 100% awesome piece of clothing! You can purchase it from here:



Team Cliché

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