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pins 7 needles X cliche



Art meets fashion in various ways - through abstract things such as imagination and love for what you do, to concrete ones like cuts, prints, fabrics and combinations of all of them. One of the most amazing results, though, is when the art and the personal vision of one brand meets the art and vision of another. This is when ideas start flooding in and everything finds its place through the whirlpool of creative chaos.

We are always up for collaborations as long as we see the potential, the love and the fun elements in them. When we believe that something is good, we would do anything to not miss the cance to make it great!

A while ago, we came across an amazing brand called Pins and Needles - denim, bold words and fonts, beautiful colors and cuts, great imagination and, of course, pins and needles. All those things were stirred together with a lot of love and exquisite attention to the details, so, you can see why we simply couldn't help ourselves but to fall in love.

Soon, we arranged a meeting and we decided that a collaboration between Pins and Needles and Cliche must be done. We promise you, this is too good and it's true - our work had wonderful results and the clothes are out of this world amazing!

In our collaborative collection we sued high-quality fabrics like cotton, denim and eco leather, put a lot of effort into the prints and we stopped at the classic color combinations black and white, pink and grey, pink and white and black and red. The words that describe the collection best are chic and comfort! You can find oversized articles as well as ones that are not, beautiful dresses that will make you feel like a star and denim shorts that are simply to die for!

Moreover, every item of the collection is unique, because it is a handmade collaboration - we used textile paint, sprays, prints, pins, needles and made every piece of clothing with patience and love - from the needle to the thread. We made it with the idea of making you feel free, inspired and as fabulous as you truly are - we hope that you will enjoy every second of wearing the clothes! Spread the beauty and the love, darlings!


* You can see the collection on our website & in our stores Cliche Paradise and Cliche Plovdiv.

* The collaboration is handmade. Please, take care for your clothes and handwash them only :)



Team Cliche

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