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Nightgown Dresses & Cardigans


The “naked dress” (a.k.a. the nightgown dress) is not something new – it has been around for quite a while. Ever since Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) wore one on “Sex and the City” and Jennifer Aniston had to accidentally have dinner with her new boyfriend’s parents in a gorgeous New York restaurant wearing nothing but an (even more gorgeous) nightgown, we have been asking ourselves one question: are nightgown dresses ever going to become a thing you can wear outside? Something you can go to the theatre with, or attend a boutique opening, for example.

Well, about a decade later, the fashion industry answered our prayers: yes, nightgowns are a thing now (you can ask Kim Kardashian, or Gigi Hadid, or anyone else, for that matter), and yes, they are the dictionary definition of fabulous.

We don’t even have to ask ourselves why! They are made of amazing materials like satin and lace and with great attention to detail. There isn’t a woman in the world who doesn’t love a fine piece of clothing that makes her feel perfect in her own skin. We believe that the nightgown dress has this special power.

They are elegant, yet, intriguing in a bold and refined way when worn right – with the right jewelry, the right footwear (of course), and, let us not forget the cherry on top of the cake – the cardigan.

The cardigan gives the nightgown dress the final touch – it gives it a more complete look, it can make the dress and you stand out in any crowd. This, pretty much, establishes the level of their importance and, we think we can all agree that, on the scale of one to ten, it is around 9.99.

When we talk about cardigans, however, we must not forget the most important element – the fabrics! They are, metaphorically and literally, the soul of this particular garment. They give it its character – we think we can all agree that a cardigan made of wool, high-quality cotton or cashmere, is one of the most fabulous things a person can wear. It gives you comfort, makes you feel warm and cozy, while, in the same time, being a piece of clothing of premium quality. Once again, there isn’t a woman in the world who doesn’t love this.

This is why, we, being thankful for the rise of this fashion trend, and being inspired by all the amazing women, wearing nightgown dresses and cardigans, decided to present to our clients our interpretation. We have put a lot of thought, work and our hearts into it and we really hope you will love it.

Cliché is glad to present you a nightgown dress made from one of the most luxurious looking fabrics – the velvet, - with lace linings and a cut that gently accents on the waist and leaves the shoulders and the neck on focus. It gently shows off your femininity and emphasizes on your personal style: you can easily add a necklace, or piece of earrings of your choosing.

The second piece of the puzzle – the cardigan, - is made with a little less attention to the details, and a lot more attention to its practicality. It is made from soft and warm fabrics and we offer it in three colors: bordeaux (wine red), black, and grey, to go with the dress of your choosing. It is the perfect addition to your nightgown dress, of course, but you can also wear it in combination with leather leggings and a T-shirt, for example. It would still look stunning, we assure you!


Stay fabulous,

Team Cliche

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